How to bet on Bicycle races?

When you watch bicycle races, they seem chaotic, without any logic, where several athletes are in the lead, and a huge crowd of pursuers is chasing them, and it is difficult to understand how to overtake someone here.

But if you look closely at this sport, you will notice patterns and promising points for placing bets.

If you look closely at this sport, you will notice patterns and promising points for placing bets.

The main peculiarities

Within the framework of cycling, several important points should be highlighted:

  • the season takes place mainly within the framework of spring-autumn and consists of several stages: at the end of each stage, athletes are awarded points depending on their position at the end of the race;
  • depending on the conditions of the races and the types of bicycles used, there are several types of tournaments: road cycling, track, mountain, cyclocross (riding over rough terrain with a large number of obstacles), cycling motocross;
  • within each subspecies, there is a long list of its individual rules, they should be taken into account when analyzing the selected race and placing a bet at the office;
  • cycling has a high percentage of unpredictability, which repels many bettors from betting on this sport;
  • more than 200 riders can participate in one race, but here it must be borne in mind that whole teams are fighting in each race, where a number of athletes simply help their captain. It is he who must demonstrate the maximum result: some put blocks, others open free corridors, and others lead the leader to a certain moment.

The most popular subspecies is road cycling, where rides are divided into three types: one-day, multi-day and grand tours (top-end rides).

Cycling Betting Strategy

Types of bets

The biggest problem for bettors is the too weak list of low-rating cycling tournaments, often limited to one proposal – a bet on a winner.

Such a painting could be seen a few hours before the start.

Within the framework of the top tournaments (Tour de France, Giro d’Italia or Vuelta), which consist of many stages, the line pattern deepens significantly:

  • stage winner of the entire tournament;
  • who will be among the winners (top 5, top 10);
  • who will be higher in the proposed pair of riders;
  • additional options: will the specified cyclist reach the end of the race or a certain stage, etc.;
  • special.

There are plenty of special offers, where bettors often choose offers with a small coefficient.

How to bet on cycling?

How to analyze

The analysis of the selected cycling race requires special concentration; here it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances:

  1. Weather

Races take place in any weather, often racers have to fight in difficult conditions: heavy fog, strong headwind, rain, and sweltering heat. This point is especially relevant for one-day races or when betting on one of the stages of a tournament.

In case of frankly bad weather, unexpected results often occur, which is why cautious bettors simply refuse to place a bet in a bookmaker’s office, and risky bettors “fan” bet on the implicit favorites of the race or stage.

  • Track features

Each trail is unique: one for the most part runs on flat terrain, the second is located in the mountains and high above sea level.

In the first case, endurance comes to the fore, in the second – the experience of performing in difficult conditions. There are combined tracks. Many riders perform powerfully on “flat” races, sometimes failing heavily in “mountain” races.

  • Features of the leader and the quality of his assistants

It must be remembered that road cycling is a team sport, where rival teams use their tactics and tricks. Each team has athletes doing difficult rough work, and the leader is the one who is led to the finish line.

Sometimes there is a clear favorite in the team, many think that the whole team will lead him to victory, but this turns out to be a trick: another athlete is chosen as the team leader, and the alleged one will get the role of doing the rough work.

For example, the team has a strong “flat” rider and a strong “mountain”, but the leader was chosen the first. When the next stage takes place in a mountainous area located high above sea level, the “mountain” cyclist will lead the “flat” one, pulling him to the finish line of the stage.

  • Exploring Participant Interviews

From interviews, you can find out the mood in the team, sometimes some elements of tactics are revealed.

Use information from social media and social media accounts to make the right prediction.

  • Watching videos of previous races

Anyone who has just started betting on cycling should definitely watch the video of the last races of the season, this will help to understand the tactics of the actions of the rival teams, and who is the leader in their teams.

Cycling betting strategies

There are not many working techniques that can be applied to cycling. Let’s highlight several directions.

  • Fan on the winner of the cycling stage

According to the above screen of the line of bets on cycling in 1xBet, you can see that in many races, even on obvious favorites, the bookmaker exposes frankly high odds. This allows you to “fan out” to win 6-8 first in the line and both applicants and, in the case of Victoria of one of them, still get a high win.

  • Who will be in the top 10

Here you need to closely monitor the earned leader points. If one of the strongest cyclists has failed several stages and is far behind in terms of points in the rating from his competitors, you can bet on the next stage that such a rider, due to strong motivation, will perform much stronger and enter the top 10 or top 5.

At the same time, carefully monitor the current level of the athlete’s performance, his physical condition.

  • Pair Winner

This is a live strategy for multi-day cycling tournaments and grand tours, during which experienced bettors closely monitor the condition of the athletes.

When one of the cyclists gradually fizzles out and slows down, and the second at this time begins to roll strongly, then in such a situation you can safely bet on the latter, as on the winner of the pair. One must be able to feel the race itself, realistically assess the condition of the participants in the race and competently study the line set by the bookmaker, finding promising pairs of rivals.